About our Dog Pension

My name is Sylvie and I propose to host your dogs in my dog pension in DOLO (22). My dog pension is located in a green environment, pleasant and surrounded by nature, I can host your dogs throughout the year, for a short or long stay, or just for an educative walk. In order to bring more care to each animal, my dog pension is limited to five boxes.

Each resident has a box of 3m, individually, to sleep and eat in peace. Each box of my dog pension is new, cleaned every day and heated in winter. I advise dog’s owners to bring a “de-stressing” object belonging to the dog, such as his favorite toy, blanket, bed … and his food * in order to not cause digestive problems for your dog, we do not provide food !

With the help of my husband, we have built several leisure parks in our dog pension, with an area of about 80m² and equipped with a 6m² garden sheds, so your dog can stretch his legs, alone or with a “friend”. Due to my experience, I recognize the more “sociable” dogs and I let them move freely on our 4000m² of land, which allow them to really stretch their legs and playing together. Our land is fully enclosed, minimizing the risk of running away. If your dog is “a little less friendly,” I assure at least two walks a day, in our 3ha property, or among the various trails and roads around our property in the countryside, at a few steps of Jugon-Les-Lacs.

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Graduated as
Veterinary Assistant

I graduated as a veterinary assistant, and I have a certificate of proficiency. So I can administer the necessary medical care and treatment subject to medical prescription from your veterinarian.

Be certain that I will carry your pet the most attention and walks will be monitored, on a leash if necessary.